Thursday, August 28, 2008

The “Democratic Hypocrisy”

Looking at the recent turnout of events regarding the political histrionics which almost toppled the government, I guess one must take some note of caution and think twice about the need for “so-called” Indian Democracy or even the suitability for it …
These days democracy means “democratic hypocrisy” to most of us …If we take a look at the population of India we will see that 60% of it is only literate …This fact, combined with the statistics showing the data that most of the illiterate population lives here in India doesn’t speak volume about the “quality” of voters, even though it speaks about the “quantity”/”volume” of the “vote-banks”…!!!!
India has earned the “Murder Capital Of the World” “super-heavyweight” title also(in terms of no. of registered murders last year [37000+]) makes an educated, cultured, rational person thinking twice about the need of this so-called democracy that has given them nothing but so many constraints in country’s development and progress …The reasons are aplenty..
1.The “Vote-Bank Politics” encourages corruption, muscle power and mud-slinging only
2.The country loses financially so much because of votes every now and then ..
3.The whims and frills of the politicians are utilized in gaining Popularity and making “Populist Policies”…which includes ridiculous implementation of “Reservation policy” and Policy for protecting of women (i.e. dowry laws etc..)(I see the flames coming!!! J)
4.Only the short-term gains are considered by the petty, mean-minded politicians and not long term gains …
5.The arm-twisting, blackmailing and back-biting tendency increases only in this kind of system ..which makes common people corrupted even ..
6.The evil powers including criminals and terrorists gets maximum, encouragement in this politically unstable environment ..
I believe …if we think radically we will see the definition of democracy by Oscar Wilde –
"Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people. "--Oscar Wilde…
Now who is bludgeoning whom in here?? The petty, mean-minded, “little-learners” are bludgeoning the educated and rational minds it seems …We all know the famous “Indian- Crab” story of no one allowing the benefit of another is always playing a big part and especially for scoring “brownie-points” for all the political parties ..
Without going into any other things including the expenditure for Indian MP/MLA’s and their story of filthy corruption & nepotism one can always look for a better option …A better option of electing the “Leaders”..who can lead India from the front and not politicize everything …
Come to think about it …”political representatives” represents our country politically as do the cricketers(or any other sportsman) in the sports …What if we don’t think radically different for choosing politicians as we think for choosing cricketers??
Do the common people get to choose who should play In Indian Team and when? An executive body is good enough for it right? So what if we think in that terms where an executive body of the some of the best minds of India gets to choose the “players” ..the political players that is ..depending on some criteria as like the “Lead India” Contest has given us …?Mobile voting/Internet Voting is al alright…,but not this one, where most of the educated people don’t even know much about who they are voting for and why and more of often than not don’t even bother to take part …
Don’t we think we are going to progress and develop more if we think something different rather than clinging onto this “ridiculous democratic hypocrisy”???
Ponderingly yours,

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