Monday, August 25, 2008

On Kolkata Transportation System

Dear friends,

I thought, I would share with you some ideas of mine on the pathetic transportation system of Kolkata…in connection with some recent events that shows the kind of uncivilized system that we are in, I thought of some ideas that can make our life a little better …

Firstly, I think that buses which are running on the roads should be checked for pollution norms and running conditions. The buses which should have been barred from plying on the road are still running flouting all possible norms.

Secondly, the trams are quite a burden on the roads. This loss making unit also wastes valuable amount of space that causes traffic jam and is not a value addition in any way.. Also in this connection, the slow moving vehicles should be phased out.. Only Cycle rickshaw seems to be Option worth it.

There should be norms for not making any bus overcrowded. A maximum of 35 odd seats are allotted in a bus. Similarly a maximum of 10-15 standing positions should be allowed and there should not be any reservations for the ladies…The seating privileges, if any, should be need-based and should entirely be guided by humanitarian grounds. Any overcrowded bus should be fined..

Some other useful railway system (may be sky based mono rail system) should take the place of useless chakra-rail.

Calcutta was never a planned city and I guess I’ve read it somewhere that, it has only 6% of open spaces as roads (as opposed to the normal norms of 10% ).So Calcuttans should think of reducing unnecessary vehicles on the roads and if possible the use of vehicles like Bicycles should be encouraged keeping in mind about the air-pollution that the transportation system causes to the city.

Would you think that it’s worth thinking over?

Disgustedly yours,


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