Monday, August 25, 2008

The Unemployed Youth

Dear Friends,

I thought, I would jot down my thoughts on the present day unemployed youth ,which is a great problem for our country rather than a resource …If we can turn this menace into a “resource” we surely are going to get benefited by it..

Most of this resource is the illiterate/half-literate people who are mainly not getting engaging themselves in any meaningful way as they don’t have any skill. So not only literacy, the willingness to be skillful for anything meaningful counts as much..

In a country where literacy is a big problem, acquiring of meaningful skills should have been given priority as ultimately it’s the skill that gets counted more in a job market …(more specifically, of lower end jobs) …The literacy surely helps in every way, especially for making the right choice ..,since life is nothing but a matter of choice …But where choices are limited the skills can surely sail one through…

Actually the country , I guess is suffering from the “ABCD” syndrome (if I may call it)..

The Ayah’s,Bai’s,Chaprashi’s and Dhopi’s (and the likes…I mean those who are at the lower end of the job) are surely in great demand these days …but how come we are not getting adequate supply of these (including “mistri’s”) etc. ? Who are supposed to fill in for the lower end jobs …?the lower end people …right? …who somehow didn’t get a chance to get properly educated …How come they are not filling in the void? …But ther is no dearth of beggars on the streets and so many loafers on the road not contributing to anything meaningful anywhere.. We, as a society, must encourage the dignity of labor to an extent that would make anyone feel comfortable of taking up any job..We should not be looking down upon any job …In this way, they surely can contribute to the country’s economy by filling in the voids

Also, if someone is not contributing to anything meaningful he can surely join social service (if possible with some NGOs’)..Way too many volunteers are required for doing social service and who other than the unemployed youth can fill in the void?

I guess, joining in military can also be made mandatory for those who are not able to find any jobs …We know that idle brain is devil’s workshop …and this is especially true for the illiterates and half-literates …

For the rural sector also, the small scale industry and cottage industry should be given more importance as this is the sector that needs to grown for a country like India ..I believe, creating small, self-sufficient groups with co-operatives is the solutions for the unemployed youths there..Females need to be involved for supporting their families and it’s this small scale industry where they have the maximum chance of utilizing their potential…

Even for the educated youth also acquiring “skills” as part of vocational training is surely going to pay …

So getting busy with something pays one for sure if not in cash but in kind least..

Good associations and Good “Value systems” will make them more worthy in some way for sure …and will take away the false vanity…if any …This will also create a “work culture” that’s very healthy for the country’s “mental health”…

Also, taking up Sports as profession or even as a hobby is very healthy option and will surely add up to the cause …The social stigma should be removed about anyone’s involvement in any profession,…I believe ..

I guess, I just tried to write something that would make some sense and I just felt compelled to write this piece as I felt the this extremely useful resource of youth (mainly illiterate and half-literate) can be utilized for good and the misuse and abuse of it can be prevented to make it beneficial for the country where this section mainly takes up fundamentalist and criminal activities (and even terrorism) due to lack of guidance and culture which should be coming from the educated, rational mind …

Wouldn’t you feel the same way?

Ponderingly yours,


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