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V2K (Voice to Skull) Torture

Imagine a weapon that creates sound that only you can hear. Science fiction? No, this is one area that has a very solid basis in reality. US Air Force has experimented with microwaves that create sounds in people's head (which they've called a possible psychological warfare tool), and American Technologies can "beam" sounds to specific targets with their patented HyperSound  Now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is jumping on the bandwagon with their new "Sonic Projector" program.

For about 30 years, anti-personnel directed energy devices have been feasible that cause targeted individuals to hear voices (and other sounds) that other people near the targeted individuals cannot hear. The voices can be loud enough to be consciously audible, or so quiet that they have whatever effect they have subliminally. V2K weapons can inflict their effects upon their victims through solid brick and stone walls.

The United States of America's Army's "Military Thesaurus" defines "Voice to skull" (V2K) devices as follows:

"Voice to skull device is a Non-lethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device that uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of persons or animals. NOTE: the sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. . Acronym: V2K".

 V2K weapons fall within a class of weapons, those that “might enable any form of manipulation of human beings”, of which the European Parliament called for a worldwide ban, in 1999. For reasons of so-called “national security”, questions to the UK government remain unanswered, about the availability of such weapons to the public and private sectors nowadays..

The device - dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) - exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognizable sounds.(Please note that, V2K Torture can be done with Neurophones also.)

These kinds of non-lethal weapons are often used in Mind Control, to produce a feeling of "gang-raping" a person's brain .....Some victim tries to describe  his personal experience with Mind Control in this way ...
"Like a nail being slowly hammered the head gets beat. Beaten and beaten till you can't make it. Your brain is being destroyed, bit by bit. Noise in your ears seems to come from contact with microwaves. Implants that respond to microwaves.The RNA structure of your brain is being changed by microwaves, slowly but surely. The clever hypnotist has a hold of you like a wash rag. he'll ring you out till your used up! WELCOME TO HELL .."


Brain damage risk

James Lin of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois in Chicago says that MEDUSA is feasible in principle.

He has carried out his own work on the technique, and was even approached by the music industry about using microwave audio to enhance sound systems, he told New Scientist.
"But is it going to be possible at the power levels necessary?" he asks. Previous microwave audio tests involved very "quiet" sounds that were hard to hear, a high-power system would mean much more powerful - and potentially hazardous - shockwaves.
"I would worry about what other health effects it is having," says Lin. "You might see neural damage."

My Own Experience with this kind of torture

This is the most sophisticated form of "psychological murder" one can think of, and is used to threaten me criminally and to destroy my brain and nerves intentionally & completely to a vegetative state..To begin with, this was draconian violation of privacy, life and liberty,& in fact, in a nutshell, in one fell swoop, it criminally violates all human rights that a human being is entitled to.

Even though it sounds weird to the common people, it’s a fact that, I get tortured the most by faceless voices inside my head (and I'm not a psychiatric patient), that continuously negates & manipulate my thought process and weakens and exhausts my brain and nerves through remotely operated technologies as mentioned above. My mind is always a battlefield in here, and my brain just "gasps" every second to take a breath and it seems like that these are just suffocating my brain to “death”. I remain helplessly mentally handicapped in this condition. The perpetrators do it intentionally and increase the severity when it counts the most. They don’t even let me sleep at night. This pushes me towards acute depression, mental retardation and insanity almost. This is so intolerable that someone who has not gone through it can’t even imagine. This continuous torture on my brain & nerves may result in permanent insanity, brain embolism, cerebral hemorrhage etc.

Other Victim's Experiences: -

“Electromagnetic radiation communication of sound has been used against me 24/7 for three years and four months starting in February 2001 no matter where I am located. A key person involved is well known to me, so there are no mystery voices here.

It's interesting to note that this is pulsed which drops part of the frequency used down to the level of brain wave frequency which can be as a low as 10 Hertz.

The new UK TETRA system for police communications pulses at about 17 Hertz and is generating fears of what this will do to the brains of the officers using these mobile phones. Pulsing the high frequency microwave transmission allows multiple phone calls to be sent like packets on the Internet.

The basic high frequency drives the electromagnetic radiation deep into the brain while the pulsing of that transmission at the incredibly low rate matches the brain wave frequency which, I suspect, is what results in the ability to hear.

This could prove to be quite harmful and lethal in many instances. It's not exactly a "Non Lethal Weapon" and is an instrument of torture interrogation with lethal consequences from its usage. It is not being used for just scaring birds away.

Another Victim's Experience

Inhibition of thought: drowsiness, inability to recall words, or think incoherently are the most noticeable effects of thought inhibition. Perps block thoughts from surfacing by yanking me every time I show a tendency to "think." It's usually when the feeling you get that you know you're about to think out something. What happens when they do that to every thought that surface is that my brain can't focus and process anything that my senses receive. I can still try to process information, but then they will yank harder to distract me or bending my feet continuously when I still sit there and try to think. Apparently when the brain is not active, it starts to feel drownsy. They can only block the ability to recall word IF I'm not familiar with the word. I learn language much later so to remember the meaning of some of the word, sometimes I had to recall the words use in some situation. Apparently recalling some of the words using over and over again is much easier than some other, and distracting someone from remembering something that they already had trouble remember is easier than some other word that the brain is more familiar with. Zoning out helps the brain to recall events happened, therefore, sometimes they blink my eyes continuously to snap my brain into that state where my brain is restricted to the point where I can't think of everything else or recalling anything or making connection between the things I see with my eyes. Usually the brain can make an association when it sees a stimuli with something that is familiar with something it "sees" before (an example of this is that people usually claim :"you reminds me of someone I know.."). For every association, reacalling that the brain makes, they deliver pain (sharp pain) enough to make me sitting still not thinking up of anything for hours and hours. Apparently when you don't know, when your subject will passively recall facts to make a connection and tell the pattern, the best thing to do is to inhibit everything. Delivering pain after every thought however, may make the subject sitting still and blank. Somehow I still manage to write some things up here which implies distraction only work at a certain levels, it may weaken the signal but it does not quench it completely.

Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure

Satellite surveillance is a most unreasonable search and seizure by totally invading the privacy of an individual as it "steals" everything it observes including all personal and private activities, documentation and anything which might be available in the private life of that individual. Furthermore, the surveillance activity can be used to shutdown and stop legitimate free exercise of rights and responsibilities by an individual by interfering with the very life and activity processes it purports to observe.

The worst aspect of surveillance activity is its perversion by an abuse of its power wherein it is used to create the very outcome which it purports to be objectively observing."

courtesy : http://garydchance.tripod.com/surveillance/index.html


Psychological warfare Tactics

Psychological warfare is defined as techniques used “to influence a target-audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior”. Military and intelligence agencies invest significant resources into psychological warfare capabilities because they’re highly effective.

Desired effects or outcomes of psychological warfare:-

Learned helplessness

The target may be made to feel it is useless to resist his attackers, because everything he does makes things worse. Or he may end up limiting his own actions, even when the harassment and blacklisting have died down, simply because he has internalized the futility of past similar actions.


Discreditation seems to be a major goal of most psychological warfare campaigns. The way this is typically finalized is through the collusion of several people who appear to be disinterested third parties rendering a judgment against the target. A trusted authority figure will then signs off on that judgment and make it official. The official judgment may be legal, journalistic, or medical/psychological, for example.
Prior to the judgment, the target will often be driven to discredit him in the eyes of onlookers through a combination of sleep deprivation, extreme harassment, and most importantly, psychological warfare with the goal of changing his perceptions of the world around him. The target’s new perceptions will be so out of line with reality (or consensus reality) that the discrediting final blow will made easy.


The target may be driven to extreme measures in an attempt to get rid of his perceived attackers, or fight back at them. The target will have no idea of who’s really after him, or what their capabilities are, and so these measures will usually prove futile and costly. Poverty, homelessness, or institutionalization is common outcomes.

Grid awareness

Several targets have spontaneously confided beliefs to me along the lines of, “The people behind this don’t want anyone to be free.” I don’t think their shared views are a coincidence.
Many targets will become aware of an invisible control grid which can destroy them at a moment’s notice using techniques I’ve described here. Their new awareness, which I call grid awareness, will guide their actions and cause them to fall into line. The campaign will not necessarily stop once the target has grid awareness, but at least the campaign objectives will become more obvious to the target.

The people coming after you are limited in what they can do, or they would have killed you already. They may not want to kill you, or they may not be able to get away with killing you at this time. For this and other reasons, their attacks on you have to stay deniable. Every episode you experience, taken individually, can usually be explained as something else.
You can think of protecting yourself in terms of forcing them to show their hand in order to get at you; if you can arrange this, they’ll back off, as they want to stay hidden.

Your reputation is the primary target

Many targets correctly perceive that their reputation (or credibility) is at stake. Once a target’s credibility is gone, his harassers can get away with anything. And I do mean anything.
There are several ways to get at your reputation. The most obvious way is through your mind. If you can be tricked into acting recklessly or foolishly, or making unfounded accusations, you’ve done your harassers’ dirty work for them.
Your relative inexperience with the way society’s institutions really work, compared to the people running your campaign, also helps with attacks on your reputation. There are several institutional traps that have been set, ready for you to stumble into.

Your mind is the secondary target

The constant harassment and deception that’s part of your campaign is an all-out assault on your mind. Psychological warfare is the perfect weapon, as it is not obvious to anyone except the targeted person or group. The deception and manipulation they use against you leaves no evidence behind, but your reactions to it, and resulting bad decisions, will have real and long-lasting impact on your life.

There are behavioral adaptations you can make which will help you cope with psychological assaults: see the psychological defenses section.

Some damaging assaults will be mixed together with constant threats, and you’ll never know which threat is real, amplifying the psychological impact of the damaging attacks. However, you can make certain changes in your environment which will make damaging assaults to you or your possessions much harder to get away with; at that point, you’re left only with psychological attacks, which are an annoyance, but may at least be tolerable.
There are hidden elements of society have been combined into a machine which can end a person’s life blamelessly, and with no one person committing a capital crime.

Once you’ve been discredited – after the police start ignoring your calls, and your associates write you off as a lunatic – it’s open season on you. Everyone can get a piece of you. Any kind of experiment can be performed on you, and you can no longer defend yourself, because you will no longer be believed.

Protect your credibility; without it, everything else you have will soon be stripped from you.
It is very common for targets to be blacklisted, both as employees and as business owners. They will frequently experience significant property damage, highway accidents, assaults, and more. What I’m describing in this document is not only a way to change a target’s perceptions; it serves as a force multiplier for the physically or financially harmful episodes many targets go through, amplifying a few of life’s dips into life-destroying traumatic experiences.

Why they don’t just kill you

They are killing you, by stealing your life. What you’re really wondering is: “Why don’t they just put a bullet in my head instead of going to all this trouble?”
In fact, some targeted people are killed with a minimum of fuss. Nobody will ever know how many targets were made to die from conveniently timed ailments, or whose deaths were made to look accidental or like a suicide; the decision to kill a targeted individual is based in part on the calculation that the manner of his death will not make waves.
There is a survivor bias in the population of targeted individuals that are aware of their special status and complaining about it. For any given targeted individual who is still alive, there is an unusual reason that person hasn’t been or can’t be killed yet.
One or more of these answers will apply to your situation:
1. They never intended to kill you.
2. They might have wanted you dead, but you’ve survived all the obvious traps. Now the goal is “keeping you down” or protecting themselves by intimidating you into not talking about your experiences.
3. The group coming after you isn’t sophisticated enough to kill you in a deniable way.
4. As a whistleblower, witness, or dissident, your untimely death may make you a martyr, in which case the goal is to discredit you, or otherwise make it impossible for you to do whatever was threatening the people behind the campaign.
5. Even if there’s no political risk in killing you, the people coming after you never know when they themselves are being set up for a fall; an obvious murder will trigger an unending investigation that could eventually entrap the killer.
6. You’re too obviously young and healthy to be made sick.
7. It’s more important to keep the people harassing you busy than to get rid of you. For example, your life may have value as target practice for a vigilante gang. Lawson talks about that aspect of targeting in his book.

Courtesy : wikipeadia and http://areyoutargeted.com/