Monday, April 21, 2014


Beware ..This world is getting devilishly manipulated and fooled by a coercive and subtly criminal technology , called Mind Control Technology, that many does not know the existence and details of …It's really a Silent Technological Holocaust for Humanity and the whole world that not many people are aware of ..

This is that infamous  "Slow Kill" - "No Touch Torture" Murder Program ("Slow Kill" or Hard KIll) tech that can essentially be viewed as a criminal life control system and much more like an advanced digital concentration camp scenario that slow-kills an individual Psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, 
financially and socially with brutal sadistic deprivation in all sphere .. Just because this is done covertly and remotely and with invisible waves, rays and radiations it's hard to detect and explain..  Plus it is essentially an weapon based system as it targets and enters a human being damagingly.. This kind of weapon based (called Bio-electromagnetic weapons) systems are meant to enslave, harm, hurt and kill human beings with
electromagnetic power ..The very idea is very devilishly manipulative and criminal, to say the least..

Mind Control - the Ultimate Crime describes the nature and effects of the crime for you in here ...

The crime techniques can also be described in terms of the two nazi crime tactics which are also applied on the targeted individual : - 1. "Organized Stalking" and 2. "Psychological warfare" tactics (along with "electronic warfare" and "information warfare "[with black propaganda and disinformation tactics] tactics ) ..


A) Organized Gang Stalking - A Hellish Crime : -
B) Psychological Warfare Tactics :-       

So, it is pretty obvious why Mind Control and Electronic Harassment was a big crime on a human being and humanity ..IT TAKES AWAY YOUR LIFE AND RIGHTS IN ONE FELL SWOOP AND DRIVES YOU TOWARDS A PATHETIC AND ABNORMAL LIFE FULL OF PAIN, AGONY, SUFFERING AND SORROW .. , IT IS AN INVASIVE AND LIFE VIOLATING FACILITY, THAT IS POTENTIALLY LETHAL AND DANGEROUS TOO.. So,this atom-bomb like technology although termed as weapon of "mass control" to the elites of the world , is actually a weapon of mass destruction  (as categorized by UN already) .

It can also be conceived of as an weaponized murder and ruin facility that is principally, legally , morally & ethically absurd to any civilization at any point of time ..  In scientific terms also it's running a conspiracy and crime through an Organized Crime wave , that targets, penetrates,degrades & degenerates   a human being deep (his brain, body, mind, air , water , home and all) and destroys him from all corners .. 

The electromagnetic technology works on the theory that the mind and the body are an electro-magnetically mediated biophysics system and the electromagnetic signals from outside sources can mimic the mind and body's electromagnetic signals and can alter it in weird ways. The electromagnetic waves (radio waves, microwaves, sound & ultrasound waves) manipulate and alter brain frequency, way of functioning of neurotransmitters and hormones and causes immense damage to the whole system including, mental sanity and the whole nervous system.
So, very clearly, Mind Control Technology application on any individual results in neurological/bio-electro-chemical changes and poisoning of the whole system (especially brain) of the individual, which will lead to total system degeneration..This is coupled with systematic criminal vilification of an individual, both if combined would amount to tremendous mental cruelty  to begin with..  

This might lead to psychological devastation/psychological trauma condition..This mental cruelty is combined with physical cruelty that degenerates the whole system slowly ..So its like slow poisoning or slow kill death to an individual, which is intolerable and unbearable.. The very concept is devilish and criminal to begin with ..But this criminal conspiracy is running for long just for the interest of world-full of idiots, criminals and devils only .. This, even in its very primary stage is criminal slavery, which is a big NO, NO  anyway ..

It was an out of the world crime, that destroyed so many lives ..So, historical evidences are also proof enough to get my statement reinforced...

  ..If you would be interested in knowing any more about the gross misuse and abuse of this Nazi Murder Tech.  please look at the following links below ...


The very concept of manipulating Human beings and Nature is dangerous and destructive..As par the historical evidence also, the world was getting destroyed slowly,  just for the sake of the existence of this technology for the last 50 years . It's essentially a criminal slavery, criminal subjugation and illegal, uncivilized  brutality / criminality .. It's against the very nature of human being and "nature" .. Tampering and manipulating with these , has brought in a disastrous consequences, as evidenced in the world, so many times ..

In a nutshell, Please note the following points in here against Mind Control to root out the evil saying that it is principally absurd  :-

A.      It is an absurdly non-doable and non-acceptable a crime and criminal conspiracy against a human being  ..Since this is a weaponized system (all advanced 1st world military weapons , called neuro-electromagnetic weapons (inc. psychotronic weapons, microwave weapons and bio-electromagnetic weapons ), that targets, penetrates, degrades and disintegrates a human being through his/her brain and nerve ..These are advanced slow-kill weaponry that makes a human life an absurd indignity and a death grave .. 

B.      To begin with it instils a terror in human life and can be reckoned as a blind-murder and blind-terrorism conspiracies ..It’s an weaponized “murder, exploitation and loot crime” against a helpless human being (with Organized Gang Stalking and all) ..

C.  To begin with it entails criminal harassment, criminal voyeurism and criminal indignity charges ..

D.      It’s a lawless murder-some situation .., You can’t do anything against law and order, against constitution , against human rights, all code of conduct, code of ethics and chair principles, in any country .. 

E.     It’s a life-harming, life-damaging and life-taking crime (and even property damaging) and should be taken up with utmost priority  .. 

F.  In Mind Control Scenario, 4 kinds of warfare takes place against a human being ... psychotronic warfare, electronic warfare, chemical warfare and information warfare, and this should really be taken as war-crime  .. 

G. Influence and manipulation is the name of the game in here ...False instigation and provocation are the tools for this Orchestrated and Organized Crime and murder ..

H. It just goes on in the name of security, where it just takes away all our security , freedom and liberty , making everyone vulnerable to a lawless crime and murder  situation and a super-hell theory , that can not simply exist ..In US , it just goes on in the name of Patriot Act (which is for Terrorists mainly) , and violating Nuremberg Code for human experimentation (That is only for voluntary subjects) ..

I. "Torture is an extremely serious crime, and in certain circumstances can amount to a war crime, a crime against humanity or genocide,"  UN human rights chief Navi Pillay added in a statement to mark Saturday's International Day for the Victims of Torture.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights urged governments, the United Nations and campaign groups "to ensure that this message is backed by firm action."
"No one suspected of committing torture can benefit from an amnesty. That is a basic principle of international justice and a vital one," Pillay added.
May 20,2013

So, please realize that,this very concept of Mind Control should have been conceptually OUT long back . The whole world and the whole of humanity is suffering viciously because of this  ..Many a life has been massacred through this technology, and  whole of humanity is in danger because of this ..Our civilization is under threat ..It's a Global Crisis situation now .. 

What was so definitely, a devilish and criminal concept and conspiracy , a cheap lawless crime and murder situation that is always against law & order and against constitution, against all Natural rights/Birth rights/ God-given rights , against all chair principles & code of conduct , could not have been questioned in terms of banning .. But the ignorant , ill-informed , misinformed and dis-informed world with no clue about crime intelligence , could not prevent it from happening ... IT IS HIGHT TIME TO RAISE ALL OF YOUR VOICE AGAINST IT TO STOP AND BANISH IT FROM THE WORLD AND GIVE THE CRIMINALS THEIR DUE ..So please don't hesitate to put your strong foot against it ...

We are all for civilization, humanity and peaceful existence  friends ...
Let's all say "YES" to that world...

NB : India has no policy of using any such thing on Indian citizens, and no defence deal was ever signed in that regard too ..It has only started thinking in these terms ... Plus these are advanced military weapons for Indian Armed Forces ..No way it can be used on any civilian .. So all and everything that's going on in India are totally illegal, criminal and smuggled-in stuff ... Plus Supreme court has banned the use of Mind Invasive technology even for court use and there are things like Right to Privacy Bill and Prevention to Torture Bill prevents it all for everyone in here .. Plus this kind of technology is a lawless murder-some criminality that goes against all prevalent rights and laws and violates the constitution and all human rights in grand terms ...

Please visit the following links also in this respect ..

A) International Action Taken Against this kind Of crime :-