Saturday, March 29, 2014

My “Theory of God”

"We believe that every being is divine, is God. Every soul is a sun covered over with clouds of ignorance; the difference between soul and soul is owing to the difference in density of these layers of clouds" - Vivekanda 

As par my belief, this is how the universe gets explained...Scientifically speaking, our organ waves, especially brain waves (frequencies and vibrations) goes out to the world and creates an interference pattern . Our consciousness lies in these things … Our brain/heart waves do create a resonance in case we feel "connected" ... The interference patterns among individuals gives rise to constructive interference (hence resonance) or destructive interference ..This energy exchange (with all the actions and reactions combined) does give rise to our Karma too ..

Consciousness is like the radio-presentator,  in the radio within us .. So we all get  to interact with each other outside and the strong ones overpowers the weak .. This results in our karma too .. Karma is the resultant of the exchange of energies we give out to each other .. If the resultant "collective" consciousness turns out to be evil , the world gets run by evil energy , otherwise good energy gets to win ..This play of evil and good energy lies within us too ., like two dog fighting each other for a win ..The one I feed most, wins the race ..So mind your stuffs, I mean “consciousness” world ..:) …

Actually God is defined in good vibrations and energies …These are the  real essence of what the whole Universe is all about ..Hence we need more of peace, love and happiness frequencies all over the world to make a world worth a better living place .. With proper knowledge (gnanayajoga), application of knowledge (karmayoga) , submission to the superior (bhaktiyoga), and good way of living (rajyoga) we can attain  the “superior” status (as Good beings and God beings) .. Actually all of these are different ways of attaining God or “mokhsha” .. The way of getting the “real” life, is to get attuned to these good frequencies , and keep on going it right inside you so that you can keep on emitting the right ones ..

Now, one needs to tune in to God frequency through Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation regularly and you emit/radiate that wave and energy from you all around .. In ideal condition (In God State) it might result in some “Halo”/Aura also ..This good/evil energy of you casts a spell in others , to influence someone to emit compatible/similar frequencies and if the resonance is found (in the interference pattern), immediate liking (or love) may result ..This is how healing through “God beings” are also made possible over the years..

The “power of prayer” lies in this thing called “collective consciousness” and hence they are very useful ..

Another important thing to observe in here is the symmetry and harmony that drives the universe …Knowledge of Material Science and Life Science will show, that highly symmetrical geometric patterns are the very basics of materials and life in this universe .. The harmony in everything is can be explained in terms of the energies keeping the life and universe tight together … It’s these energies and vibrations that we are talking about in here .. This is where God is found and get to manifests Himself the best ..Beauty lies in this symmetry and harmony and hence Nature is the first God ..

To summarize, “God” is found in waves and vibrations (in music and voices) and God manifests himself in Nature, Love and Innocence..God beings must have Knowledge, love and mercy as their essential qualities..

That’s why we know sound as “Brahma”, for the same reason ..God lives in Music and “Voice” …Hymns and chants are such pure Music, and Vedas and Upanishadas are such voices that have defined “God”.. If we get the “music”, we get the “voice” (within)..,to speak for the truth and for the originator, who created it ..

I see God in terms of my spiritual Guru ,”Vivekanda” also ..His taken name of Vivekanada, actually comes from Vivek (Conscience) and Ananda (Blissful state) .. So it’s about the most conscientious way of attaining a blissful state, that we should really be focusing in here … The very purpose of life as seen by the Highest Spiritual Literature (Veda & Upanishada) is “Atmanang Biddhi” (Know thyself), and this knowledge of knowing oneself leads to the knowledge of Universe also ..After all, it all comes from the same things ..All we need to do is to look inside for every answer , provided we have developed that eye that looks inside, that ear that hears outside..( That smell that feels inside that fire that burns inside give us more ) … We all have pure souls inside since birth, and it’s the soul purity that  determines the God quality in us …So , we must see “little gods” in everyone , as a duty to respect our creator ....We all have to elevate our “Gods inside” to connect and ultimately sublime with the Brahman …(The omniscient, omnipotent, self-effulgent source of energy , that serves us all, like the Sun )..

The Gayatri Mantra explains the "God" beautifully for you in here..

Now, merely praying to God, in self interest will definitely not do any good ..We have to create that abundance in everyone ..That becomes our duty ..Abundance creates abundance is the secret ,and world is driven by that secret since the time immemorial ..

Kabhi Pyase Ko Paani Pilaya Nahin


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been expierencing v2k for I think 5 years 24/7 I am unsure of the perpus I had a drug problem of marijuana in the worst way and I believe this is why I was targetted I try to believe that this is some kind of sentence and rehabilitaion program i was almost chased out of town and lost everything I am clean now and am living a new life sometimes thankful for a good slap in the face but sometimes scared it will never end and I am just blind to the idea that this was done in my bennifet and the futer of my child.I did feel that I deserved some kind of punnishment but have been walking the line for sometime now. And desperatly feel that I deserve an end to my sentance I just wish I could have a straight forward face to face talk with them so I knew why they thought I deserved this and if I can ever work my way out I worie I am burden to my families future and will never be anything but I am compleatly alone on what is happening to me I never let on and go about my day I feel for the friends and family I spend time with because I am a camera into thier lives and an invasion of thier privacy but I keep hiding it and going on in hopes that I might be forgiven and alowed to be relieved of this sentance is their anyone who has been let go and do not have these probems anymore please let me know

Anonymous said...

First, who has the right to render judgement on you? As a TI, I know the game. if it wasn't the pot, they would find something else. No one was upset about pot. You passed someone off ...years ago. Long before you even knew you were targeted, you were being examined. They found a weakness, and they ran with it. Now you feel like you actually DID something bad in order to be targeted. NO! you were some way.

and that passed of the wrong person. It never ends, from what I understand. So sorry, for you and me.