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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wham Bam , Sorry Ma’am - It's a Big Scam..

Q. What if someone questions you about your dead NO stand on Mamata Banerjee & her Govt Sir?

Well, as a free person I am free to express my thoughts, beliefs and expressions on this, and so here I go .. .   I might have to get a little frank in here to express things for me, as I am enduring a grand crime and rascal-ism against me for the last so many  years (as part of a murder and ruin conspiracy that is ruining my life in here in West Bengal) .. 

The question in here obviously was 
"WHO THE SIGNIFICANT WILL NOT LET ME LIVE?"..and the simple answer to that was Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, The CM of West Bengal .. 
If you again ask "WHY ON EARTH"? The answer would come out to be in teh fear of getting exposed for her insatiable criminal greed and  illiterate ego .. In vested interest , she would like to remove me from earth , for her own profit and publicity .. 
In comes the next question as "Who in hell would support that"? The answer is , any rascal who has been grand-fed with murder-money, murder-sex  and murder-privileges for that from her ..Mainly TMC cadres and other cheap rascals of Bengal inc. Tollywood..But the "influence" and "purchase" worked like havoc in here and way too many families got invloved in it , in filthy vested interest..Cheap rascals can always get purchased for cheap and can do anything and everything in vested interest it seems ..
Next one , "Where would you get any such money and absurd sex concepts from?"
Well, from The Crime underworld , that was thriving in here for the last 12 years in Notunpara and it's suburbs, West Bengal ..It was a grand terror funding and rascal-ism from US , that could not have taken place, had this crime was not proliferated and crime-smuggled in US, and was provoked cheap in there ..

What was striking and very disturbing in here was her attitude and mentality .. No one knew that her attitude was like criminal rogue , that can do anything in vested interest (even active crime and murder, with all kinds of lies and nonsense propaganda for self-profit ) ..Her mentality was very low category , something that you will even shocked to know ...She tried to win everything through false influence and manipulation, through false instigation and provocation ...

But she was such a filthy devil that no one would even know anything about this grand plan and filthy scheme ,and would suspect a thing in there ..And the guts to continue with this hardened crime in vested interest was really speaking volume about the real blood and gene in there ..

Can anyone imagine that she/TMC Govt. was getting grand-profited in exchange of my active murder and ruination for the last 2 years of her reign in here , in West Bengal? ..No Govt. ever , and no minister ever in the history of the world , had done this low in terms of a crime and murder and murder-propaganda against a single individual ever, for false profiteering .. TMC was  like "Terror and Murder Corporation" to me ,and MA'AM was like Murder, Double Atrocity, Murder type..She and her Govt. was really a grand lie and a grand treason on a chair ...

I could not believe it at first , and quickly got disillusioned about her within a short time , after I came to know of her real character.. The false image gimmick was not really working for me any more ..The fact that was "killing" me was that , she was trying to get me murdered and ruined illegally and criminally ,  for her personal profit and publicity all along with a false propaganda rubbish.. I can't keep my head straight over it, even publicly..So,please pardon me if I have to get a little personal in here for that...

Actually, when I tried to think about my deep frustration,  pain and sufferings, loss and damages because of her for the last 4 years, the following things comes to my mind ..

1.         If she was any good in West Bengal (she was good at opposition bashing) all along only) , she would have stopped this crime long back ..(4 yrs. Back) at least .., when TMC opened a Party Office near the crime den ..

2.         From that point onwards , all she and her party (which obviously was “One Post rest all Lamp-post” category ),  did was murder conspiracy , murder exploitation , murder profiteering , murder provocation , murder anarchy , murder tyranny , public criminal incitement of hatred (through false hate speech & false propaganda murder) , murder fix-up and got ups ..

3.         Quite clearly she was grossly incompetent in tackling a crime and murder situation and which has been reported against strongly & thoroughly for so many years and even to her and her Govt. and her party …

         She was obviously a damn criminal in Gross terms (law & order, constitution, corruption, crime , Chair Principles(Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics)  , Sex-Trafficking , Treason , Running a false black economy , with criminal undercurrent ..and a total disaster in Chair terms

         No worthy material ever could have thought and done any such thing for a day ever what she did nonchalantly for months and years …She brought the country to a utter shame and disgrace through all such grand criminality and grand perverted sex rascal-ism, that is the lowest ever in Indian history ..

         The way, she was influencing, manipulating, bribing, coercing , instigating , provoking  and crime- scheming for a murder and ruin crime against me for self profit and self-publicity and to remain in the chair , was astonishing to me ..

7. The mere tenacity of doing an active murder-crime habitually for so long for unnecessary self-profit and publicity , is a big proof  of what she and her party originally was ...

8. It was a thorough crime and conspiracy to murder and ruin me from all corners ...Such kind of things were not only unnecessary and uncalled for , it was inconceivable by any standard ..But you all were showing your blood through that grand murder-criminality and grand rascal-ism, day in day out, for 15 long years ... How silly, how incompetent , how uneducated, how  much of a rogue rascal and how much of a filthy criminal you can be,in vested interest , you showed it all ...It was an really an unpardonable murder-crime offence that came so easy to you .. 

Please see my Absurd Crime Victimization and Damn You Chairs in this respect ..The crime underworld and she has  really rascalized, bastardized, satanized and demonized Kolkata and West Bengal, only in filthy vested murder interest ...Quite conceivably that, she is the worst ever in a minister's chair and a big-time lie to the chair .. A devil in disguise really ..

Here are few observations on her in the context ..

·         “Politics” is a term that was always kind of looked down upon and associated with some cheap, dirty activity in rubbish and vested interest since long in West Bengal..(At least 5 years back or so that was definitely the case) No one but some “good for nothing” class used to go for that profession as that profession never required any true qualification and calibre .. Only cheap mud-throwing rubbish, mind manipulation and propaganda by the silly cheap nothings, used to work like miracles in here ..Through hypocrisy, populist policies and tall talks they used to get and maintain their chairs in here .. That was always a cheap term and a cheap profession for all those in west Bengal at least ..NO one could have imagined a lady in that silly , cheap, dirty profession , and that too in the grass root level , in vested interest ..It signifies low, it signifies rascal-ism in their blood and in their competence level ( I mean, these professions were like , "think about us, only if you were a big failure elsewhere" type ) ..

·         This is where you get to deal with the low class rubbish people(in the name of cadres) day in day put , who would join party only in vested rubbish interest ..

·       TMC movement started with a cheap , false gimmick of Singur , and Death Of a guy called Rehman (which was from to death of a poor-family teacher due to Police interference in Personal life) ..Both of these are cheap gimmicks , and speaks of some political opportunism tactics only ...

·        It seems  that , False adulations makes her day everyday ..False vanity,ego, hunger for power and insatiable greed runs her day it seems , since the time she came to power ..The false lady image acts as devil's connivance for her...

·         Politics is a filthy word in all fields , as we might recollect .. Home politics, Office Politics, Crime Politics, Society Politics and Murder Politics are well known concepts to make your aversion come good for the right cause ..Just because , these all and much more are their expertise area it seems ..

Just add the Country politics, God Politics, Sex Politics, Media Politics, Racist politics, Chair politics, Media politics , World politics, War politics and all to it and you got a full gamut of almost all expertise areas one needs, to run the business  ... 

(PS: I can't help laughing at her silly rogue Hitlerian moustache getting grown in there , over the years.., which was so ridiculous and criminal, that no one can ever imagine :) She superseded all her predecessors in the field , with the new gimmick of murder-money(supari) and murder-sex , murder privilege & murder publicity ...The US Govt. le dby Mr. Obama was the main source of all such terror funding ..)

. Cheap centre influence used to give her plenty of center money, whoch was much less before (may be for all due reasons, you know , huh! )...Who was worth any anyway?:).. With that cheap influence money flooding the Gate, she went for all gimmick expenses ( inc. false Govt expenditure, false city beatifying expenses, and "openings" ("shilanyas" and all), without keeping in mind anything else, all for her won publicity and profit ..Railway budgeting gimmick and hype in facts and figures (during her reign) , can explain some part of it ...

. Only rascalism (haramipona), chaeap gimmick making and campaigning rubbish against her opponents, was her primary job throughout her career .. Do you know , what actually she banks on ?Mainly on these , I believe.. It's in here blood  ...

. Some gimmick "change of name" joke was her first invention . Metro station joke naming , was no way to begin , I believe .. It involved lots of false expenditure , which is her gimmick forte even now ..

. Regarding actual improvement and all  , I can show that she is not even a real thought in real terms .. She was about some prerequisite benefits (like drainage system improvement, garbage removal , municipality water to the house and improvement in terms unnecessary power cuts) ...Although these are very little,  as compared with any A grade city(Metro city) in India .. 

Any other state had shown much more progress, in every area than WB,in the last few years, (although Kolkata gets a A grade city status ).. As par published newspaper reports also WB is the lowest ranker in terms of law & order and administration twice..  

. How much of a dead false image can you be anyway, you know? With you showing it of, as no greedy and easy honest icon, how on earth can you even think of getting associated with some such humongous crime , corruption and Satanism and getting profited from it, when everything was going just fine for you and it would have taken nothing for  you to stop the crime? You just show me the very character that you really are .. A selfish , stubborn, silly lady hungry for power and ready to do any amount corruption and crime for self profit and publicity  !!Nothing of that order was ever required and nothing like that was in the knowledge of Govt or party also ..

. In terms of the real, I mean about knowing the law & order procedures, administration responsibilities , Govt. procedures and all , how much was she anyway , that could have made her efforts in this direction for a day ? And by the way, what bout your economy madam?It's a false black economy with greedy criminal undercurrent , and with false hype and false publicity in exchange of my murder, covering it all up for you .. 

. A silly lady and a rogue turned greedy beast was her minimum identity to me , which got turned into a hardened hardcore criminal one in a short time , where the insatiable criminal greed knew no bound ..It's all false hype,  false publicity an cheap gimmick stuff that was reigning high in here  

. If "Saradha" was a scam for the Govt., this was a scum (and scandals) for the same The scam-bags and the scum-bugs are ruling the roost in here...They deserve exemplary punishment only..

So she , in nutshell was a damn criminal in gross terms (law & order, constitutional violations, administration failure,gross corruption, criminal misuse and abuse of power, Human rights crime , criminal mis-governance and all) and a disaster in chair terms ..Her birth in West Bengal was a grand hoax and what she had done in here is a grand crime of the century .. Her crime audacity, crime immorality and criminal impunity knew no bound , she was really worth a grand punishment and no government in here ..

Sorry ma'am , no vote for you , on your false identity and existence in here..


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Dev said...

About this article in my web-site on Mamata Banerjee my views are as follows : -

1. She is public figure , well suited for all kinds of criticism for any action/decision taken publicly or otherwise ..
2. For her uncivil and criminal activities against my life that brutally & severely damaged me and made me pathetically suffer for years , are also put in here on all due grounds .. She has really paralyzed and crippled the Govt. work force especially Police force , cadres and ministers through secret orders of not doing their absolute due in a life saving situation and is responsible for involving her Police Dept and Govt to get involved in a huge multi-trillion dollar scam , conspiracy and crime in exchange of black crime money, criminal sex activities and all ..
3. My freedom of speech right always entitles me to speak out loud to make the public aware of the situation …
I think these questionnaire will floor her and her Govt down in a minute ..
1. Have you taken part in any remote technological activity ?
2. Please tell me about the duration of such activity ..
3. If yes, was it within your duty hours or non-duty hours as any scheduled duty or personal activity ?
4. Are you prepared to take responsibility for any wrongdoing in there ?
5. What all were used for this kind of things to take place and where are they getting manufactured?
6. Are you authorized to possess, use or authorize any such thing without the knowledge or consent of the person involved?
7. Are you aware of all the laws and rights of an individual ?
8. Do you know Any one these people like of Arghyo Ghose , James Anderson ,Peter, Shantanu Mukherjee and their gang ?
9. Are you associated with them in any way ?