Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear friends,

I would like to talk about the topic of Euthanasia or "mercy killing", as it is called, as an essential topic in today's world, and I would like to think that support for euthanasia is an absolute must and I'm saying this from my heart!!
What is euthanasia? It's basically a "mercy killing" for someone who is begging for it....There are so many people in the world who doesn't want to live with endless pain & suffering...Why can't someone show some mercy towards them? Just think about the terminally ill patients also and the ordeal that they (and their near and dear ones also) go through day in and day out...especially if this is a poverty-stricken family...What's the point of having a lifeless life and making someone live in a vegetative state? What purpose does it serve anyway? Isn't it inhuman to see someone helplessly living a pathetic life? After all, who wants to die voluntarily? Someone who has completely lost the purpose at least!!
Given with the fact that it's difficult, unsafe and painful to commit suicide.., just imagine the "living hell" for such people...It's really very difficult to die and it's in the hands of God ..and the harassment and humiliation of a failed suicide attempt is even unbearable...
Also, just don't shoot me for this view, There are so many worthless lives in this world who live like "human beasts" and produce all kinds of nuisance and nonsense. They do this with the excuse, that they have to "live". I guess someone should give them an option of "not living" a life not worthy of...A country like India where population explosion is the biggest problem and almost 14 crores or more living below poverty line in inhuman conditions, how about giving people with an option of "not living" a life not worthy of!!!...Either people should live with full dignity and honor or they have the option of "not living" at all...Do I sound radical? May be.. But I hope, some day world will realize this pragmatism over some hypocritical sentiments...


"There is a remedy for everything; it is called death"
---Portugese Proverb

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