Friday, July 25, 2008


Dear Friends,

I thought of raising this issue of “feminism” as a topic as I think it’s another thing that does not really serve any purpose of any kind. What are we looking for in here, anyway? Equal rights and opportunity for women, right? But shouldn’t that be the case for all and sundry?? Irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex shouldn’t we be guaranteeing that for all as a nation? Do we need any other “ism” for that ??? Let “humanism” guarantee that for all.

What else? As I understand, they are trying to remove the misconceptions and misrepresentation that exploits and oppresses the fairer sex. So they need “liberation” from bondage and also liberation in terms of sexuality and sensuality. They have to be accepted as the way they are and not in terms of the way that the men wanted them to be. That’s fine … the sexual liberation actually removes the misconceptions about the way the girls want their lives to be. But don’t they want to be liked by the “opposite sex” also, or they are they always trying to fight with them?:)

Actually, to be fair to the opposite sex also, don’t you think that the other sex is getting exploited in this way? If we are talking about equality for all, then how come they can enjoy quite a few crucial privileges gleefully that discriminates them so easily? (Pardon me, but isn’t it true also that they get undue advantages almost every time just by the virtue of their “sex”?)

So where is the vision of equality in here??… First of all, if we are talking about equality, how about sacrificing the special privileges that they enjoy by virtue of their sex? Starting from the seat/compartment reservation in conveyance (no it’s not a childish complaint), to the shocking privileges that they enjoy (under the law) by virtue of their sex, isn’t it so unfair on the part of the other sex?? I believe so...Sometimes it feels like that this is criminal discrimination in the name of “sex”…But who is going to listen to that?:)

As it looks like, they want the best of both worlds, and that too keeping all other privileges intact. How is that going to be acceptable? Most of the so-called feminists talk about enjoying the privileges that the guys enjoy as a part of their “equality campaign”…. Fine, no problem in getting into the “man’s world”.., but how about sharing the same woos also?

Also, feminism teaches girls to expect the other sex to do chores that they have been doing…Otherwise that would be treated as oppression!!!…God knows when they would expect us to bear the babies also as part of equality? :)

But seriously, is that what equality is all about??Why shouldn’t we just concentrate on playing the complementary role in a relationship rather than fighting for the same role?? I guess the feminists, these days, are pretty confused in what they are doing …..Oh God!! I see some flames coming in my way.. Please don’t burn me alive!!!…No MCP here …:)



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