Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear friends,

I would like to talk about the issue of fundamentalism, which is raising it’s ugly face every now and then, even after so many years of our civilization as we have seen in many of the incidents that took place recently.. It’s appalling and shocking to see these uncivilized, uncultured, uneducated brutes ruining lives and defaming people for all the wrong reasons of the world.. I wouldn’t need to go into any recent single incident and I will try to comment in generic but please don’t mind if I sound a little harsh in here to discourage them from what they have been doing without feeling guilty about it…

The main reason of it I guess is illiterate, half-literate brains and their terrorist convictions that they get by virtue of brain-washing by devils…This kind of incidents are not new and fundamentalists are doing such things for long..

Starting from burning of “Sati”, to the restriction imposed by Muslim Fundamentalists on Ladies especially (including mandatory wearing of Burkha etc.) all speaks about these kind of mentality and attitude..These kind of “cocksure attitude” is almost always a result of brain-washing of illiterate and half-literate minds and their excuses to gain attention…With their pea-nut sized brains and brutal senses they interpret “religion” and “spirituality” so poorly that results in this kind of angry, hateful middle–age barbarianism..

You might agree that, we see things in a way that our mind is “cultivated” to accept. With half-literate, uncultured mind you will see things in a way that would raise your “temperature” for all the wrong reasons of the world…Some “educated devils” are there to play as “devil’s advocate” as they enjoy this attention that they get for “man-manipulation” and to maintain the supremacy by letting the brutes do what they do the best…brutal destruction…No matter what, these kind of brutes spend their lives in destructive activities and try to gain attention in the process…Otherwise these worthless lives will have no “value” per se..I believe.. These kind of minds give rise to terrorism also as you will always hear that they are up to some kind of “Holy Zihad” always…. Holy Cow!!! ( I mean oxen and vixen …ooops!!)…please cool down and rather than brainwashing yourself with “Holy Literature” only, please come to terms with the world that we live in now.. and your hypocrisy and eyewash doesn’t count any more..

As Rabindranath Tagore also has said ..

“Dwar Bondho kore diye bhrom tare rukhi/

Satya bole ami tobe kotha diye dhuki??…”

I guess it would take a little bit of maturity to appreciate that…Also to quote from a well-known ghazal….I guess the victims in most cases would like to say that :

“Hangama kahe kniyu karta..

ThoRi si jo pi li hai..

Daka to nehi Dala..

Chori to nehi ki hai..



Hangama kahe kniyu karta” J

I was reading an interesting article somewhere where it said that repressed sexual desires also finds their way through senseless violence against the “apparently-privileged” class.. “I won’t let you get, what I never had”…is the kind of attitude that these fundamentalists have basically in their sub-conscious mind…I guess it’s high time that the collective wisdom of the educated and intellectual minds restore some sanity in these world full of half-literate brutes…Would’t you agree??



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