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“Ignorance” is no bliss

I guess everyone, who has turned a little inside ever in his life has always
asked questions like :

1.Who am I?
2.What am I in here for?
3.What’s the purpose of life?
4.What is GOD?
And so on and so forth …

Like so many people I also encountered these questions when I was just 14 years old …and then started my quest of looking for answers to these questions ..

Incidentally I got in touch with Ramkrishna Mission Institute of C and got to know about Vivekananda, my first Spiritual Guru ..As of now whatever I’ve learned from all my Spiritual Gurus (including Dr. Deepak Chopra)..I’ve tried to answer those questions myself …I don’t know whether they will ever correct my answer paper or not but I thought it’s worth a try and hence this effort ..

If I sound like an idiot please pardon me and look for the answers elsewhere ..
But if you find it to be beneficial in some ways please do pray for me as I believe in the “Power of Prayer” of Good Spirits ..

I believe, we the human beings are essentially some "peaceful" "happiness seeking" souls ...(“shantiswarup”, “anandaswarup” atma)..and the human body is nothing but a "bundle of conditioned reflexes"...

The way we "condition" ourselves we become like that ..and the conditioning comes from education, environment, upbringing, enlightenment and many others ..

Now in this process of “conditioning” our mind acts as “advocates” and our intelligence as “Judge” and some repetitive actions becomes our “resolves”….These “resolves” or “Sanskara”-s becomes like "conditioned reflexes"..The "soul" witnesses it and try to give right directions to those who are trying to listen to it ..

The "ego" attached to the human mind is nothing but an attachment to a wrong "belief" or "image" .that comes from "conditioning" of our "system" ..

The purpose of life is as par Vedanta is "Atmanang Bidhi"....i.e. "Know thyself .."It essentially means "self-realization" ..The soul essentially is a source of energy that can neither be created nor destroyed ..and the soul "recycles" as par "Karma"...Only the purest one's gets the mokhs or a peaceful heavenly abode ,the place from where all of us came from ..

Summarizing it, we are born and are in here to perform some duties , the best of which is "Niskam Karma" and at the end of which of us has to return to the place where we came from .. and we can make the "journey" of life enjoyable through certain practice or "Dharma"..



To me GOD is nothing but the purest spirit ...the supreme form of energy that has created this universe...We see manifestation of GOD in pure spirits and in nature ...the invisible coordination, symmetry, creation of life all talks about HIS supreme existence ...

We get to know GOD and come close to him through self-knowledge ...("Atmanang Biddhi")...But only a few can reach close to him..

I say it in this way "Truth evolves in the container that deserves it".. The pure spirits will get the "truth" and will spread it to destroy all the evils of the world ...

As far as I've learned from the teachings of my spiritual gurus :

What are we in here for?
-I guess, for "Karma" or certain “duties”...

What kind of "Karma"?
-"Niskam Karma"---The kind of work where you perform your duty according to your
"Dharma" and don't expect anything in return ...You do your best and leave the rest...
"Ma faleshu kadachana"

What is “dharma”?
-That which keeps you true to your self is "Dharma"...

What is the objective?
-To "Know Thyself"...-You soul also carries a little "GOD"...who you can respect and love provided you nurture it properly ...

What will happen if I do that ..
-Everything will fall into place automatically and it will be a beautiful world to live in ...

What if I get criticized?
-The “Self-referral” i.e. being accountable and responsible to your conscience and soul is much more important than “object referral” i.e. the evaluation of any other person, no matter how big or important he/she is ..Have faith in your instincts and GOD …Have conviction in the power of goodness and help those and help all who are trying to be and do good.

Here’s one interesting link who always try to blame others for their shortcomings …I guess when they will be “enlightened” they will really be ashamed of themselves ..

Please see the link below:

So as a virtue, one should really practice "Non-judgment" to bring in peace and harmony in this world..Because, as it's said, that when you are pointing your index finger at someone remember that four of your other fingers are pointing at you ...

My Swamiji

"Swamaji" is an idol who taught the world the "Karmayoga"...the best path for common people to attain “moksh” ... He believed in the power of youthful energy for "Karma"..

There are other ways of "self-realization" too...

Sri Aurobinda followed -->Gnynayoga
Ramkrishna Paramhansa followed -->Bhaktiyoga
A few Others-->Rajayoga ..

But he is the only one perhaps, who not only knew the "art of living", but the "art of death" also ...the most difficult of everything ..He could reach that level of "consciousness" where even that was attainable with ease .. Pardon me if I say that,he should have been, according to me, the"The Father Of The Nation" "Karma" and "Spirituality" is the base on which this nation might have survived much better ..

He was an enlightened soul par excellence even from his childhood days and showed his brilliance in what he believed in ...He taught India the secrets from "Aryan Civilization" the Vedas, the Vedanta and the Upanishads in layman's terms ..

I salute him for all that he was and all that he wanted us to be ..

On Harmonious Co-existence of several religions

As par Vivekanada,

"To do good and to be good"---is the religion

Another definition of it is
"Being true to one's self" is one's ultimate religion..
Here "self" means the conscience and soul ..

Every prophet basically teaches and preaches love, wisdom, mercy and peace as some basic truths that GOD stands for ...

So ideally no one should have clashed with anyone's belief of being good and doing good to mankind ,which is basically the ultimate of every religion ..

Actually as par Sanskrit also Religion most probably means "something that holds us together and binds us together"(In Bengali, we can say,Dhramo ki? - Jaha amader "dharan" koria thake tahai dhormo")…It’s a way of leading life …the kind of way which will bring in peace and harmony in this world..

But it's the blind practices and prejudices that causes all the problems regarding co-existence ..So it's not the prophets and their"advise of ways of leading life", but the "little learned" "priests" and their interpretations of "truth", and blind faith in that, which has brought in this world this amount of chaos and confusion and rivalry...

I believe in Ramakrishna also who said "Jato Mot tato path"(there are as many ways as there are true opinions ( in reaching GOD)).."Gnynayoga", "Karmayoga", "Rajayoga", "Bhatiyoga" are also different ways of attaining "mokhs" and "bliss" and they co-exist without any problem ..Basically, to be in the “blissful state” is what all of us aim for, through religion, or through spirituality…

But the main evils are "little learning", "misinterpretation" and "blind faith" ...If we can weed out the evils surely all of us can harmoniously co-exist ...

Spiritually yours,

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