Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Wondering!!

Dear friends,

Just wondering, when are we going to get rid of the decade-long Kashmir Problem??…. The way Pakistan stands behind their claim for Kashmir it doesn’t look like India is making valid points somewhere where it matters. Also the plebiscite for Kashmir shows that they want a separate free land of their own. If I’m not mistaken, they are enjoying a special privilege right from the time of independence…

I might not be totally aware of the history, but the way I see it, as, aren’t we paying too much price for all this? Starting from the climbing expenses in this regard to the pampering and excuse that the terrorists are getting for creating panic in the country is getting ignored , I guess.. The Pakistani terrorists were creating disturbances in this region for long.. Recently Al-Qaida also got it’s entry with this excuse…

May I say, that in a poor country like India, the defense budget has gone out of proportion (10 crores or more..,. most probably), for maintaining our “ego” for this kind of situations to some extent and the foreign money transaction through this defense deals can turn anyone’s head!!!….

Now the point that I’m trying to make in here is that, not only the much needed money is getting wasted through this, it might also be bringing in more corruptions in our country… Don’t you think?? (I’m also referring to a hint from the film “Rang De Basanti” …) Corruptions are not that rare in here, anyway …

If we remember history we will see that Pakistan was made by sacrificing just for the sake of satisfying the ego of Mr. Md. Zinnah and Bangaldesh was made by to pacify the dissent of the people living in there.. So may I humbly say, should we look into the fact that what exactly are we going to sacrifice, by sacrificing our ego on Kashmir and to pacify the dissent of the inhabitants present in there?? What if we don’t create opportunities for the terrorists??

What if the LOC is made the boundary of India. as a compromise solution!!! Just wondering….!!!



PS: Some might find it difficult to digest but …I suspect, that the directed energy weapons (the most lethal form of weapons for slow human destruction) might have also come into this country through some defense deals and/or through terrorist network, which are being misused and abused by the mafias who have started “psycho-terrorism” in here… and I wouldn’t think that I’m getting paranoid in here….

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