Monday, August 25, 2008

Loophole & Disorder!!

Dear Friends,

We never used to question about the maturity of the lawmakers of our country. But I guess the callousness & ridiculousness, with which laws are being implemented & interpreted, should make us concerned at least and we need to raise our voice against it.

I know this is going to be a bit sensitive an issue but what the heck? I’m free to express my own ideas and opinions in the blogs …Our constitution gives us this right at least.. J

I’m taking about the ridiculous implementation of 498A as a criminal offense. Hypothetically a woman can get tortured by his in-laws and husband, and there is nothing wrong in looking for justice in those matters…But so also is a man, right? What happens when a man gets assaulted anywhere or is going through tremendous mental torture by his wife or in-laws??

Perhaps this makes you laugh!! What? A man getting assaulted by his wife? Well not that ridiculous any more …Gender Problem!! OK !!What about by her boy-friend or brother-in-law? Huh Huh! Did I hear…not so funny !!…And the mental torture part!!! .Oh boy…some women knows all about it, especially when she has all the time in the world to think about new ways and means for it. OK, no more of gender bias… and please pardon me if I sounded a little harsh….

What I mean is, there can be genuine agony and anguish for both sides and both should be presumed innocent unless proven guilty….Torture for dowry is a big b*shit as except for the lower class people, more often than not, it’s the girl’s family who insist on taking something as gift in most of the cases to keep their prestige. .No one demands “dowry” these days…But if I have the excuse to complain about my every little non-fulfillment of desire I might easily choose “torture for dowry” as a ground for that. Ask the lawyers and the girls’ family (in private) and you will find it’s so acceptable a practice (that can ruin a man’s life simply playfully).If you think dowry should be banned at least legally why don’t you get it signed on in the Marriage Registration Certificate that no dowry was taken/given in this marriage?

The most of the meaningful complaints, which used to come were from lower class family where girls used to get tortured sometimes real time sometimesBut even now they don’t take advantage of this law as they are not even aware of the existence of such law and when on earth did they go for any legal recourse for anything any way? Also they know pretty well that if they complain about their husband and police keeps him custody they are going to lose their livelihood. and bread also. So it’s of no use to them also..

So who are using it? It’s mostly some upper middle class girls/in–laws, who are brutally exploiting husbands through this and in the name of hefty divorce alimony….In today’s world when girls are fighting for equality we are all for it …then why this criminal discrimination, in terms of “innocence” and gender??!! Didn’t we hear girl’s saying “I’m not that innocent” !! J

As par the law, a girl can say anything and everything in the name of his husband and it’s always taken as “The Truth”… No matter what the guy says doesn’t have any value…This kind of criminal discrimination (in terns of innocence) should be prevented by looking at the jurisprudence of legal system and constitutional rights which is applicable for all(“Innocent unless proven guilty”).the same kind of exploitation goes on in the name of ridiculous rape complains (which ends a man’s life practically).More often than not these are mostly used for black-mailing people and ruining their life. The ridiculousness doesn’t end there…even if someone wants, she can’t withdraw the complaint just like that, because the state takes ownership of this kind of cases and it’s endless battle between “State Vs Mr X” for which the lady need not be bothered at all….she will get her “maintenance fee” even in separated state…and if in this stage the guy looks for divorce he won’t get it unless the girl files for it with enough “legal” grounds….The husband will get ruined forever with money and/or property & prestige gone for good and family life, career, name & fame going for a toss…

I’m not really exaggerating.. this kind of incident is really taking place quite frequently these days and the number and severity of harassment is increasing.., exploiting the loopholes of the law….

Shouldn’t we be protesting against it, to make the policy-makers aware of the “loophole & disorder” ministry??!!



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