Monday, August 25, 2008

A Menace Called Street Dog

Dear friends,

The recent incident of street dogs eating up a newborn baby(abandoned on the road-side) and the Salt Lake street Dogs biting up more than 100 people in the neighborhood forced me to give vent to my anger in here regarding the nuisance and nonsense created by the street dogs of Kolkata and the kind of callous “patronage” that goes on in here for them…

Those of you who have got no idea about the nuisance and nonsense produced and the amount of disturbance and threat created by these little creatures might be shocked at my apathy and antipathy to give any worth to any such living form out there, but I do stand for what I say… Well, you might be an animal rights activist to protest against it….but I am no less a human rights activists for something that I stand for…and we need more human rights activists in here for a better purpose…..

I get shocked by their increase in population and the callous “patronage” that the get from “God knows what” class.. I get appalled by the fact when, as par newspaper sources, the Chief Minister of West Bengal (seeing the situation going out of “hand”) decides to appoint 15 policemen around his house to feed biscuits to the street dogs in the night so that his sleep doesn’t get disturbed. Boy!!! What about rest of us and the rest of the “Dutiful Police Officers” ???? Err…I mean, how come we don’t get a fraction of that privilege as a human being??? :) I can’t even comprehend the scenario with the “anti-social” “street-dogs” and the scenario with them…. Ooooooops!!! Oh My God!!…Now don’t give me that “human rights” crap in here…;)

I remember a Bengali movie long back, where an NRI had to return back partially because of the harassment he was facing every night from a cries of a dumb ass and no one was doing anything about it as this kind of things are so much taken for granted in here… Jokes apart, not only about the barking of these street dogs in the nights, no one gives a damn about their “bites” even and the harassment to avoid them and the agony and anguish to bear with them... Also no one cares to think about the amount of filth they produce and the amount of “vision pollution” that these kinds of creatures are associated with... Even in some Hospitals also, especially in Govt. Hospitals, we see the same moronic “apathy”, that allows these “non-human-beings” to stay as close to the “Children of the Lesser Gods” as possible. This accommodative attitude of ours should stun any sane person on earth...

We don’t know, who should we turn to, if we don’t have the authority to question the “collective wisdom” and “collective consciousness” of the people bearing with it? Kolkata Corporation!!! Yeah right!!!! They are at least supposed to be more “dutiful” than the Police Officers feeding biscuits to the street dogs at night..:)

The recent news of street dogs eating up a newborn child, abandoned on the road seems so scary and shows the pathetic state of affairs.….I remember someone sharing his experience with Kolkata during British rule where he mentioned that Rs. 5/ street dog was being paid to someone for getting rid of them ...I don't wonder why..!!! In fact when we can kill so many goats,lambs,chickens and even cows and all without any guilt of any kind ...why show mercy towards street dogs only ..?? One thing is for sure they are not that harmless as compared with their "compatriots"...They are nothing but nuisance,nonsense,menace and terror only ...During the British rule I was reading from newspaper that people used to rewarded with Rs 5/ street dog for keeping the city clean..I guess that makes good sense ...

So jokes apart, I fail to understand that why should someone not get rid of these worthless lives for the sake of “some other living forms” with a better sense and purpose of living. and …don’t blame me for not buying the “sterilization drive” crap, which is showing no effect in all these years.. I did manage to see some crappy “ecological imbalance” shit that some managed to associate with this menace but boy, I somehow don’t salute their moronic prudence… Would you not feel the same way?

Audaciously Yours,

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