Monday, August 25, 2008

Moral Policing

Dear friends,
I guess it’s about time we give some thought to the extreme fundamentalist activities going on in the name of “moral policing”. The recent turnout of events including but not limited to the Richard Gere, Shilpa Shetty kiss controversy, The M.F.Hussein case, The harassment of Art University students & Teachers, The star News office rampage are all activities of shameless Hindu Fundamentalism, in the name of moral policing . The harassments that the odd couples and teenagers (looking for a little privacy) has to face every day in day out from Police & Hindu Fundamentalist Groups (like Shiv Sena,VHP & others) supporters are not only ridiculous they are pretty disconcerting. This kind of ridiculous “moral policing” resulted in the discouragement of selling condoms also from Mrs. Sushma Swaraj at one time, and the restriction set at different time s by the I&B ministry were critically condemned and reversed also.
Who can ignore the fact that in this country called India we are proud of some architectural beauties like Ajanta, Elora, Konarak, Khajuraho and from this country came the “sutras of enjoying the guilty pleasures” of life called Kamasutra. When on earth did we ignore the “basic instincts” and deprived ourselves of the pleasures of sensuality and sexuality? Isn’t it true that that the Hindu mythology is full of characters (including Gods) who can’t termed as that “moral”!!!(Even in Aryan Civilization this sensuality, sexuality and aesthetic beauty was not being looked down upon that badly).Even some of our religious leaders openly or secretly talks about the “sexual magick” as a way of spiritual liberation through sexual lives.).
So if our cultural heritage (including architectures and mythology) doesn’t condemn this “basic instinct” that badly, why on earth should we be so violent and illogical in the name of “morality”?? In the age, when Gay and Lesbian rights are also becoming acceptable, fundamentalist activities. such as these are shows we are turning a blind eye to the ground reality
Also in this context, it should be mentioned that, sex education (and moral science also) can be the part of our curriculum, if required. We should be taught to think and discuss about the “moral issues” that affects our lives. Puberty is the age of confusion and people might make mistakes at this age but if properly educated we can reduce the no. of mistakes.. So why this hypocrisy and violence for not accepting the facts of life and not ignoring the insignificant nothings??...
We have to accept the fact that like hunger and thirst, sex is also a basic instinct that is very difficult to win over. But as civilized human being we have to strike a balance and the matured educated adults do almost always strive to do that. But the right to express factor is very important and this ridiculous “dada-giri” in the name of “moral policing” pampers the kind of brutes who shouldn’t be pampered for anything.
Forget about doing some good it does quite harm to the society as a whole. If we are discouraging something for the sake of civilization how can we behave in such an uncivilized manner that takes away our basic rights and freedoms and pampers some uncivilized brutes!!
In this context might come the question of matured adult relationships and matured adult viewing of images/videos? The terms that are important in here are “matured” and “adult”. As matured adults, we have got the right to choose our own lives and express us in a way that’s not harmful to others. If my matured adult relationship is not harmful to anyone and adult videos are used sometimes as entertainment stuff strictly for private viewing, what’s wrong with that? Why anyone should take it in an immature , childish manner? No one is forcing anyone else for this and entertainment of this kind below the age of 18 is always discouraging. But why shouldn’t we give the liberty to enjoy their the matured adults lives in a manner that would bring some extra joy and happiness in this world full of sorrow and misery??!!. ….In fact, sexual repression rather than sexual liberation causes trouble more often than not…and the science behind this is hormonal changes that causes a world of good to the stressed out minds and bodies (seratonin released during sexual excitement acts as good anti-depressant and sudden burst of energy causes good neuro-chemicals to get released in the body).The apparent harmless “vicarious enjoyment” doesn’t do that much harm to anyone. On the contrary, it might do some good to some couples by bringing out some variety and spice to their sexual lives.
Sex is good stress-buster and there’s is something called “sexual healing” that cleanses out some toxins of the body and mind(quite surprisingly).The sexual repression finds its way out through violence. I don’t think that’s an encouraging practice.
So why shouldn’t we be against this kind hypocrisy that produces senseless harassments and violence? Of course we have to keep in mind about the “sense of balance” and sense of responsibility in here too… Wouldn’t you agree?


NB : Please go thorugh the following article from TOI in thsi regard also.

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