Monday, August 25, 2008

On Corruption – A different take!!

Dear Friends,

I guess enough has been talked about in so many places about a vicious menace called “Corruption” in every level in our country. Still, I thought I would also like to share my views about corruption from a “core” that “erupts” frequently :)…if for nothing else, at least as a part of moral responsibility, that shows dissent towards those issues for which, more often than not, without realizing, we become the worst possible sufferer, if we don’t raise our voice against…

Mainly we see corruptions in Govt. Offices and proceedings be it small or big and in various shapes and forms but we see the so many “righteous junkies” in them and around also. This combination is vicious, which makes us suffer unnecessarily so often and I’m trying to draw your attention towards that mainly. What do I mean by righteous junkies in here is kind of senseless, worthless “sense of righteousness”, that more often that not is based on values and means that defeats the purpose altogether.. I do treat them as some kind of “junk foods” which has got no “food value”…I would not give any specific example but the examples are aplenty and I guess people out there might appreciate of what I’m talking about if they have a been an innocent victim of this “corrupted system” sometimes.

Now what do I mean by “corruption”? I guess the answer lies in the undue advantages and one takes and undue privileges one enjoys by going out of the way and doing something that conscientious people would find as totally unacceptable. Our “system” starts getting “corrupted” on our level of acceptability of such acts and by our degree of justification. The consistency of these kinds of acts gives rise to habitual offenders who have got no remorse of any kind. Now what “system” are we talking about in here? It’s the “Belief system” and “Value System” of a person that’s in question…The corruption of these are the ones that erodes and corrodes our society and shock us with incidents that lacks any apparent explanation.

I would like to suggest that, if someone is enjoying these kinds of undue privileges let’s ask us some question to clarify our doubts…
1.What kind of people would need this kind of advantages and privileges and why?
2.What price do the others have to pay for this?
3.How would he react if he/she is told against it?
4.Was it his “ignorance” or his “system” that’s responsible for his behavior? i.e. Is he doing it by nature or was it as an one time act of “compromise”? What if he is made aware of the implications and ramifications?

Actually I think the more corrupted someone is the more “privileges” of such kinds are required and they hush up things by showing some sense of “junkie righteousness” to others. I do condemn the acts of Police Force also (which is nothing but a “political instrument”) in many cases regarding this..

To be honest we all take some undue advantages at some point of time or other at least in terms of white lies (to our bosses, to our parents or in-laws at least ...Oh come on.. don’t give me that look…:)).But that doesn’t make all of us corrupted. We have to come to terms with life and its surroundings and if we can’t get away with some “white lies” or “white mischief”, that would make our life miserable. But there has to be a “cut-off” point somewhere, and it’s the “cut-off point that matters…

So what happens when someone is allowed to cross that “limit” on a regular basis?…You and I become the silent “victim” ultimately, as we succumb to the pressure of the worst possible scoundrels who take it as their “right” to exploit others in filthy vested interest.. This is the most dangerous part of these kinds of “brutal exploitations” with no sense of guilt associated with it...and this the imminent danger of corruption that we must understand and raise our voice against…Wouldn’t you agree?

Prudently yours,

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