Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pathetic Service Sector

Dear friends,

I thought that if we are trying to talk about a civilized society we should talk about improvement in our service sectors, as “behavior”(including but not limited to courtesy, manners and etiquettes) especially professional behavior is a hallmark of civilization.

I guess that this is where, India and especially West Bengal, lacks heavily and we should pay some special attention in this regard. I think that the people in the service sector should be given special training to be more courteous and they should be taught some manners and etiquettes about how to behave with the customers. They should understand that this is a “customer driven economy” where the “customer satisfaction” should come first.

In any Government Office or monopolistic business, we see completely different picture. The attitude of the people in there is such that, they think that they are doing the common people a big favor by attending to them. This kind of mentality and attitude causes lots of unnecessary harassment on the part of the “customer” and creates a “sadistic pleasure culture” on the opposite side. The more you can harass someone (who has come to get some kind of service) the more “powerful” (at least mentally) you become…Starting from ration office to passport office to telephone office to electric office to post office to ration office we see the same picture getting worse.. Instead of making our life easier, they make our life a lot complicated..

This culture of harassing people unnecessary in order to get more importance and “power” is an evil of the society that raises its ugly face every now and then… and the kind of ambience it crates gives rise to filthy corruption in most cases..
If we ponder a little deeply we will understand that, the lower rung of the society , especially the uneducated, uncultured and uncivilized strata enjoys quite some importance and power because of this only and we have make concerted efforts in order to eradicate this deep rooted evil from the society which is having a much deeper impact in every sphere of the society…Wouldn’t you agree?

Humbly yours,

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