Monday, August 25, 2008

Prenatal Sex Determination

Dear friends,

The recent controversy of a couple facing the High Court suit brings in another controversial implementation of law in this country. To me it’s a little ridiculous to impose this kind of restriction on a couple who wants to know the sex of the child. What are we afraid of? Abortion? Then why not the abortion be considered as an offense instead of prenatal sex determination? Why should we assume that it’s going to be for abortion only? And what’s wrong with abortion also?

What’s the logic that they give? The sex ratio might get skewed… But if we think about it, from practical point of view, who are the people who will go for abortion for carrying an “unwanted sex”? The poverty-stricken families mostly right? (If we don’t argue for arguments sake, …that is..). Now, what’s the value of life of an unwanted child in that poverty-stricken family anyway? Surprisingly, almost nothing!!!…But do we think about the kind of negative price we generally pay for a “worthless” life like that? Quite frequently, quite a lot...

After all, why would they want a different sex anyway.? For maintaining a balance in the family, and for earning something more for the family. That also in some way maintains balance and relieves the burden on the society at large. Don’t you think?? It’s quite evident that a boy from a poor family is going to earn more and easily than a girl which is very much required for the family to survive. Now what’s the family going to do with 6 girl-child and with nothing to eat??!!…Won’t that family be a burden to the society at large? And under forced circumstances they will be sold to the prostitution rackets to serve the purpose of the mafias... So, what use it’s going to be to the society at large? Isn’t it a much better option to go for abortion? But prenatal sex determination is not going to be the cause of abortion for educated families (where the income is not that much of a constraint) .In fact they do mostly, love their daughters...But, whoever the unwanted child is, an unwanted child doesn’t get reared properly anyway, and that disgruntled child is a “problem in the making”…Isn't it??

Also there can be more than one complicated and variety of reasons for abortion. What’s the big deal anyway? More often than not, if not gone through the abortion case it’s going to waste more “grown-up lives” than the previous case. (Something like a divorce case). I guess the importance of a grown-up life should be much more than a “living form”… Controversial?? I guess so… But I will vouch for it.. But I don’t want to take the wrath of those individuals who are with the conservative idea. It’s just my point of view on the subject as a choice to those who would like it…It’s not a forcible “dada-giri”…at least. But the awareness regarding skewed sex-ratio can be generated anyway….

What I basically mean is a rational, educated mind can make all the difference in most of the cases…. Not the ridiculous “dada-giri”…. Wouldn’t you agree??



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