Monday, August 25, 2008

“Rang De Basanti…”

Dear Friends,

Would you agree with me,, if I say that, politicians reign supreme in our country? That they get enough name, fame, power, authority to rule us….. I guess yes…!!Now would you agree, that they decide our fate and destiny in most of the cases? Would you agree, that they decide the country’s fate & image also? I guess yes….

Now if you have agreed to most of these then you must agree that only the premium elites should be given a chance to be the “politicians”. It’s for good reasons we respected politicians (or leaders?) like Nehru, Gandhiji, Netaji etc. But do we think that todays politicians deserve the same respect and honor? Can they justify their power and privilege?

The recent turnout of events exposing politicians of different levels once gain showed that quite a huge number of bunch of jokers, criminals and anti-socials are ruling the roost over there, (The no. of MPs & MLAs who are getting allegedly involved in criminal cases (Not to mention the famous Shahabuddin with 38 cases, Shibu Soren & others for murder & rape, human trafficking, corruption and fraud are on the rise.) Even the grievance against Mr. Narendra Modi for the massacre in Gujrat and CPI(M) Government/Cadres/Police force for what they have done in Nandigram is not that insignificant.!!! The case of Ms. Prativa Patil our would be President, if nothing at all, shows something treacherous in our system at least.

Not only CPI(M) cadres, The ruthless fundamentalism shown by different politicians and their groups at different times (including but not limited to VHP & Shiv-Sena fundamentalists & “Kar-sevaks”) all speaks volume of our politicians/leaders and their pet dogs... ).

Do we agree, that this is nothing!!! ….what comes out in the open is only a fraction of what is actually going on out there …Not only the politicians, their “pet” cadres/”kar sevaks” are something that the world is getting afraid of!!! Even police force in most of the cases is nothing but a “Political Instrument” in our country!!!

So, look at where we can quickly reach without even mentioning the incompetence and ridiculousness with which these politicians “run the show” and “build our nation” ….

All we understand is that, it’s a dirty job and someone’s doing it!!! But how are we going take care of those who are quite used to doing “dirty jobs” that’s not supposed to be that way !!! If we try look at the root cause, shall I be exaggerating if I say that Politics in India is the only profession in the world that doesn’t need any qualification or credential “per se”. Nepotism, sycophancy and mean-minded cunningness is what it takes to be the “so called” politician…it seems!!! Otherwise who are all those who are enjoying all the power and privileges out there?

So isn’t time that we look into some “merit based” qualifying criteria for those who are supposed to run the nation to the to the best of their abilities !!!Just wondering… how about giving a PAT (Politician Aptitude test, …) on their back(ass I mean!!), for what they are doing!!!J

I mean., how about “grilling” them and “grooming” them up for quite a few years through a registered methodical approach before they claim all the power & privileges of the world!!….What if the IAS becomes a mandatory for the politicians? How are we supposed to respect them so much for something that they never had in the first place….Do I make sense??

Aren’t we pretty tired of their ridiculous “dada-giri”?

I guess, the big question is, when on earth did the great leaders of our country agreed to free our nations from frying pans and put it on fire!!! Did we all agree to let it happen the way it’s happening for the last 60 years??/Or should we look into something very basic!!! Pardon my language, but do we first need to “free” our nation from these bunch of “jokers…”!!!



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