Monday, August 25, 2008

Reservation Policy

Dear friends,

I guess this is another controversial view....,but I felt a little bit compelled to write about this...After 60 year’s of independence we are going for 50% reservation for the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in all spheres especially in Higher Educations and Jobs....How is this so acceptable??
I don’t know that, why is it so difficult for our people to understand and raise our voice against it? Many a people take our Government’s stand of justifying the reservation policy as nothing but a populist policy to capture the vote bank of the backward class and Muslims.
Who is exploiting the backward classes so badly? After all, what denies them of education & Jobs, and that too after 60 year’s of independence and what other steps the Government is taking to stop it? Is it possible that anything other than the caste system might be responsible for it ...I guess, we don’t have any real apartheid going on here.. So isn’t it a bit too far fetched?
On the contrary, it’s quite understandable that poor economic conditions kills merits in our country. How about reserving something for them? What I’m trying to say in here is that, reservations based on “merit” is perfectly acceptable, but not on “caste” for God’s sake!!! The poor economic conditions can affect us all and equally so I guess...
So a scheme like free educations for poor meritorious students will achieve what the Government should be aiming for. right? After a stage, they will all have to go through the same filtration process....That will ensure equality and fairness of the system...
Otherwise, doesn’t it increase mediocrity to a ridiculous level and reduces the scope for those who really deserves it?
The inefficient mediocre encourages more mediocrity in all levels and this promotes nepotism and sycophancy...It also creates a dissatisfaction for all and sundry and especially for those who really deserves it and this promotes “brain drain” also...Don’t you think so? Or was it really outrageous!!


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