Monday, August 25, 2008

A Terror Called Police Force

Dear friends,

The recent turnout of events with the police force acting as terror in so many incidents (or were these “habitual accidents”?) that compelled me to say something that’s grossly wrong with the mentality and attitude of the Police force in India and more specifically in West Bengal…

Staring from (but not limited to) the Singur and Nandigram mass torture and murder to the “Gangajaal” like incidents in Bihar, to the recent Rizwanur death case, Police has shown that more of than not, they can surely be used as “uniformed criminals” . I guess the first thing that people questions is their audacity in most cases… They are the “protectors” of law and orderSo how can they take unconstitutional and unethical and unlawful means to create disorders in the first place???

In fact, a survey carried out recently in West Bengal has precisely pointed at the same thing…Generally speaking, the common people thinks that Police is nothing but a “Political Instrument” and more of a “harassment force” that more often than not, causes “terror” to common people…

Most probably, the concerned authorities should have had identified the problems as due to :

1.Extremely lackadaisical, arrogant attitude with greed.
2.Their total lack of knowledge about Human Rights.
3.Corruption and bribery.
4.Lack of knowledge of Laws even.
5.Lack of knowledge of social/behavioral science and “cocksure attitude” that are creating mountains out of “molehills”…

They have thus arranged for massive training for Police forces throughout West Bengal….may be it’s this kind of illiteracy and half-literacy combined with greed and “ego” that has resulted in so many misuse and abuse of power cases. We all know that, “A little learning is a dangerous thing”, and I guess that’s why this Police force is becoming so dangerous day by day…It’s because of these incidents that people have lost faith in Police force and are not only taking up cases in their hand, but also are frequently involved in brawls with Police force and the “half-literate brutality” is resulting in unhealthy revenges in many cases.

I guess these kinds of misuse and abuse of powers and corruption cases have prompted Ms. Mayawati to sack 7500 Police officers and suspend good number of IPS officers in her state recently.. May be it’s time we learn something from these incidents…. I guess, the Police force must realize the fact that they are public servants only and they are answerable to common people. They basic reason for which the “law and order system” was needed in a civilized society was to prevent the exploitation of common people from “muscle power” who otherwise would have been nowhere in a “jungle rule”…

I think, we need more of a humanitarian, conscientious approach, especially for people in distress, so that people can heave a sigh a relief from those who are appointed for such purpose only….Otherwise if the “money power” and “muscle power” wins the “race” every time, it’s the “jungle rule” that is being followed still now…When are we going to get civilized…??

Respectfully Yours,

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