Monday, May 18, 2009

Terrorism – the cause and the remedy

Dear All,
If we try to take look at the famous quote from Issac Assimov that “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent”, and ponder over it a little bit, we will arrive at essentially the same conclusion that Gandhiji had made about violence:

“The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles” -- M.K.Gandhi

The way terrorism …the new “ism” it seems, is spreading it’s tentacles in the society I felt like much compelled to write this as anyone and everyone can become a victim of terrorism any day without getting much help from anyone, so to speak ..and that would be a shabby and sorry state of affairs for all of us. This is also getting compounded by the fact that, if we fail to accept that “any form of cruelty to mankind is terrorism”, the fundamentalists are also taking advantage of it brutally and getting away with it.

So I tried to dissect the root causes and I could think of the followings:

1. India is a home to roughly one-third of all poor people of the world(33%) with 456 millions live under international poverty line (earning $1.25 / day), and 828 millions under $2 / day wage(75.6%)..Even sub-Saharan Africa is better off with 72.2%.
This is not only about India but is an indication of this subcontinent where criminality & terrorism has spread it’s tentacles easily during the last decade.

2. So illiterate & half-literate poverty-stricken people are easily taking up criminality & terrorism in the lure of “easy money” and “cheap power/respect”.( as par newspaper sources, Ajmal Kasav and his likes were purchased for 1- 1.5 lakhs for 26/11 and as par recent TV reports, suicide bombers are also getting freely available for easy money (40K – 15 L mostly) .

3. It doesn’t take too much to brainwash the impoverished young minds who are having “identity crisis” of sort and illiteracy, half-literacy and lack of emotional intelligence just adds fuel to the fire for the misguided youths and creates artificial hatred based on some cunning satanic beastly “icons” and their belief system & value system. Even the necessity of advanced technology has lured many “so called“ highly educated people to get sold & brainwashed by the Satanic Evil spirits.

To give an example :

In Ahmedabad blast the mastermind was a Teacher.
In Jaipur blast the mastermind was a Medical Student.
In Bangalore blast the mastermind was an Engineer
Even an MIT alumnus was recently found working as an agent in Al-Qaida.

They are “purchased” ( in case and kind”) as they can easily pass off as commoners.

4. Opium of religion & money for the foolhardy bulls acts as tonic for believing blindly in fanaticism & terrorism.

5. According to Kiran Bedi who was as blatant as the truth is - “Dirty politics and short-cuts to manage criminal activities are the most important reasons”.

6. Brain research shows that mentally subnormal/ criminally dysfunctional people can be more brutal than normal and hence theose are the new recruits of many terrorist organizations.

7. Associates & “circle of influence” play a major role in getting into the criminal & terrorist network.

8. Also spiritually speaking, there is nothing much in themselves that their conscience or soul will love or respect and from this absolute lack of “self-love” and “self-respect” comes identity crisis and with blind faith /respect and very little or no choice left , the cheapest of impoverished souls who have killed their conscience easily by “corrupting their system” to extreme extent, gets purchased very easily with a false perception of reality and power.

But this is a menace that the world should have taken very seriously with a “zero tolerance attitude” towards those who are doing it. Without taking a soft stand any more, we need to speak the “language” that the beasts understand (even if that means getting absolutely ruthless with the beasts) as otherwise, if treated like normal people , they don’t get discouraged even, as they live in an idiot’s hell and are conditioned to advocate & believe in Brutality & Satanism.

Sensible enforcement & implementation of stricter laws (not merely in papers) especially for terrorism, like POCA, POTA, COCA,UAPA and laws for stopping “immigration influx” & “non-state actor” menace & enforcing a common “Citizenship Id” to track down any individual, should be enforced ASAP. Also, reward & incentive scheme from the Govt. to common people to enthuse them to report any suspicious activities around and act as “citizen informers” (like citizen journalists) to track down the beasts “proactively” would surely act as a booster.

I guess the educated, civil society should at least raise their voice against this menace very quickly and sensibly, to get out of the ominous threat from evils that eats us up daily inside. I guess friends, that I’m making some sense in here in penning down my thoughts..

Thoughtfully yours,
- Dev

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