Sunday, March 28, 2010

Psychotronic Weapons – A Silent Holocaust

A new kind of weapon is threatening and destroying human lives in strange ways.They are hurting & killing people remotely with “rays” & “radiations” of electro-magnetic waves of harmful frequencies.. No barrier is a barrier to these kinds of new age weapons & privacy violating devices it seems, including any and every construction walls that it encounters in it’s way to hit the target. Sounds unbelievable … but it's true. This is the latest & most effective weapons for criminals & terrorists.

Through the usage of these high-tech weapons, people are “bathed” in high-frequency electromagnetic waves to cause extreme pain & damage. The advantage is that victims can’t see them or as they would be hiding in a remote location, yet they can see the victims and damage him severely. The possibilities and potential damages of this kind of torture is limitless , but essentially they all destroy brain-cells, tissue & nervous system severely and leads to many kind of “unaccounted for” health diseases and mental traumas that breaks down a person completely and will lead to a slow painful death if not to a paralyzing, vegetative state.

This is truly a horrendous crime , an egregious abuse of human rights and a continuous criminal violation of brain, mind & body , that amounts to gang-rape & brain-murder only. Coupled with “Gang Stalking” (which is actually a ganging up by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic & ritualistic persecution of an individual , in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person's life so they will have a nervous breakdown, become incarcerated/institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide) , this is a total psychological , emotional, physiological & financial assault paradigm and a continuous criminal assault on human beings in order to break him down completely from all corners.

But the pathetic point is that no one believes in the victim , as the unassuming & ignorant mind always revolves around common logic & beliefs of normal crimes and existing modes of criminality.Police ignorance in this regard helps the Organized Crime Syndicates to get pampered, who in the process , makes the victim look like a "suspect", guilty of something, or mentally ill patient whose has got no/little credibility left because of well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framing, intimidation, humiliation, emotional terror done with the help of psychological warfare tactics against him.

The remote “hacking” of the brain is mainly done by remote E.E.G (of brain) of a human being which when fed into a computer , decodes electro-magnetic signals (waves) coming out of the brain and tracks the person. Just like the radio catching radio-waves of different frequencies with effortless ease, in here, the brain itself acts as transmitter and exposes the whole human being to the mercy of the criminals. So it’s like remote “hacking” or “virtual kidnapping” of a person and then doing anything and everything to his brain & body that can be left to the imagination of a maniac psychopath only. Other than these severely damaging rays , harmful radiations are also applied remotely ( called ionizing or non-ionizing radiations) that sort of “injects” any chemical poison in the target’s body. Not only a human being, the house & electronic instruments also can be severely damaged through this and it can be made very precise also. (But please don’t get impressed with all those maniacs, as it’s easy for the monkeys to produce a hell in your system..Only thing is you that need to have that “facility “and weapons at your disposal , and it’s impossible to get one, unless you’re from a supreme underworld).

Victims of this kind of crime are on the rise from all parts of the world & they are asking for these crimes to be made public and are insisting on increasing people awareness to protest and fight against this growing menace.

As of now, millions living in India and abroad are being reportedly made a target of these kinds of crimes with severity varying from 10% to 100%. The torture case histories of the victims will send a shiver down anyone’s spine. These victims are desperately looking for help from all in administration & media to expose these criminal rackets and send strong signals to them in terms of protest against this heinous crimes, as these criminals are just happily forming an underworld in this way full of such perverted maniacs which can affect anyone anytime ..Is there anyone listening ?

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