Monday, March 31, 2014

Why This World

This world as we see today, is a product of devilish conspiracy and manipulation of some megalomaniac psychopaths …It started with Hitler , and was called the rise of the evil ..In order to have a full control over the world, muscle power and money was always found as the solution .. In terms of middle age barbarianism it was always face to face war with different warheads  and different war techniques, that resulted in an imperialism concept ..

With age, the definition of war got changed (from 2nd World War) , and the techniques got refined ..It’s Germany Scientists mainly who came up with this false idea of eugenics to rule the world ..It gave birth to a murder-regime concept called Nazism in this world ..With the ugly class system(in India) and racism(in the west), apartheid (in South Africa) and all, raising it’s ugly head over false superiority complex issue , Nazism surely killed the world  with its evil...It was a painful black reign of an evil called Hitler that everyone was so aghast of ..The mass killing of Jews and all never established any superiority of any kind in scientific terms .. On the contrary Einstein and Jesus Christ was two glaring proof of what any Jews can be all about ….Please read about 10 famous Jews who made history in the world ..

The false hoax called Nazi Science was so verifiably defetaed during that time only ..Class system got abolished , Racism got thudded at , Apartheid got ban order and Hitler got the worst evil tag .. Even noble prize scientist James Watson, was deeply rebuked for his research on blacks that tagged them with less intelligence .He had to lose his job..

But the world was largely unaware of any such devilish conspiracy against mankind and the world leaders and secret societies alike  (inc. Ku Klax Klan group, Illuminati  and [7 of them altogether]) was destroying the world with this false idea …The false pursuit of Power was killing the world .. The war got modified and became a cold war , with Nazi Scientists got spread all over the world , to invent the new war mechanism , the war against someone mind, and Mind war weapons were invented by different scientists in different places of the world , to start another black regime in the world …

The Mind Control regime is one such regime , that got succeeded by the NWO regime …
Both are real crime and murder regime , that is so shocking , that the world would have been frightened by that ..But the ignorance about some such thing was destroying the world …

Mind Control Regime is really a perverted, murder regime where any person can be targeted , deep isolated and crimed against to any extent (upto death and total ruination).. You can find the details of it in my other articles ..

Please see this Documentary on Mind Control to get a clear view of where the world stands on this ...

 NWO is also one such mechanism of control by Thought Police system that is shockingly criminal ..Both of these things are essentially about a secret conspiracy for exploitation and brutality .. The "crime-slaves" and the "sex-slaves" were suddenly getting everything of the world as they were in demand for running this false “crime-industry” ..It was the control over the individual, as well over the world (scientifically and mechanically) that was driving the desire  ..The control was mainly "destiny control" and the world destiny was getting determined falsely and artificially by these …When "Dogs" (the rogue Police) tried to become "Gods" , the world catapulted and everything was reversed and went topsy-turvy ..

The name of the game was psychology manipulation( subconsciously and consciously) and propaganda , through which west was ruling over the world , through false money and sex business causing the disaster…   The smartest psychopaths and murderers are thus ruling the world very falsely through this conspiracy and false manipulation ...They are just experts of this brutal game .. Everyone now in the world is in this false network that's running for profit, the name of Elitism/Super-elitism/Pseudo-elitism ..Money, sex and power is the name of the  game in here and Mind Control Technology and NWO regime are controlling the world very falsely, by psychopaths and criminals) ..

Already, more than 30 million people all over the world are suffering from Mind Control and the Illumaniti scheme is going for the whole 7 billion …It’s doomsday for the world now …

Now, Politics and media was mostly about people manipulation and to make them feel good or special about something …This is a little trick that they always got good at .. 

On the other hand, to make people listen to the Govt .,they used the same sinister plan  and conspiracy of applying careful manipulation and calculated propaganda technique ( via media or public relationship experts).. This technique was so successful in gaining mass control that  this Mind Control technology was applied in large scale for masses (Called Mass Mind Control) ….Here the Govt. basically aims at producing a hoard of sheeps (through Mind Manipulation and dumbing down operation) by attacking the brain of the individual / masses ...

But the ones who got mostly affected were  the middle class (the largest in the world) and good intellectuals, who have an independent mind and can raise their voice against the Govt pretty easily (the whistle-blowers) ..

Why middle class can become their easy target?

1.    1. .  They  are actually the biggest or largest (in numbers)..
2.     2.  They won’t come good either for Govt funding or “pet-dog scheme” ( where you have to have the pet-dogs and the "pet-sluts" ready at your disposal, for following the out of court practices) ..
3.  3. They are not that influential or powerful to get out of the situation (hence easy targets)

But, these are no nothings to go by and no nothings to think over ...Going by the humanity, religion and spirituality route we arrive at a completely different solution for living and ruling on this planet .. .If the world religion and epics have given rise to one single truth, that was the statement that mankind was dead against two things for sure, called BRUTALITY and EXPLOITATION .. It's humanity that always ruled and humanism is the only ism in this world ...Human being was all about being human ..

No one raised any hue and cry about the real birth status of Jesus(who was found in a stable, whose parent-ship can be questioned) or character status of Pandavas (five of them married a single lady called Draupadi ,and she used to be shared along..)…Both of them were declared hands down winners by the Mankind declaring a war against BRUTALITY AND EXPLOITATION against which they won.. It's the Good vs Evil Fight that always got loved to see and worship the Good spirits as winners ..As the main principle through which all the goods and the gods were worshiped  was the Good spirit vs. Evil spirit fight (Be it inside us or in the world around , it always remained the same ) …Always the win of the Good (most frequently the “less” ones, in terms of might ) used to encourage the world ,and it’s this win that was always celebrated and worshiped … Since, if that doesn't happen , the world gets destroyed  thoroughly ..

It’s high time for the world to recognize this truth and raise it’s voice against it …The Doomsday prediction of Nostradamus in 1999 and 2012 would have stumped the world , but I know it for sure that it was really Apocalypse Then …It’s doomsday now , and the pigs are getting big-busted and flying through the air it seems …

It’s time to get back to our senses and gain sanity to recognize the truth and execute the necessary to gain back our world ; the way the world could have been, should have been and must have been, had these evil demons were not being paid any attention to ..

Now, two very important things to remember in here .. First one is that the world is getting destroyed because of absurd hunger for power and greed ...Both should have been curtailed down to minimum, especially for those who are in the chair ...Now in order to get these two in civilized terms even , people use influence and manipulation ..So these two are the two primary things that are destroying the civilized world ..So, be very careful of these two ... 

In higher terms also , fear and jealousy are the two prime factors that are destroying humanity and beating conscience ...So gain a full control over your own self to gain any real control over the world.. 

“What do I think of Western civilisation? I think it would be a very good idea.” - Mahatma Gandhi

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