Friday, August 4, 2017

MOBILE UX Design - Tips to Create User Friendly Application

The use of mobile and mobile technology is growing rapidly in this world. With new and new areas opening up for computerized applications ( be it banking, commercial , financial or others ), the use of Mobile apps are rampant ..Now to get your target audience moving you need to build the application keeping in mind about the use need, taste, ease and reliability . So the user interface design demands special care and consideration . To make the app user friendly and attractive is the goal of the developer .For doing this here are some tips to consider  that you might found helpful .

Tips for Design
·         Remain innovative with Clear Presentation style - Design Counts the most - A de-cluttered, interface with restricted palette of colors is advisable .
·         Remain committed to Security ,
·         Make it compatible with all kinds of devices (Cover your platforms )
·         Avoid design mistakes
·         Objective should be to empower people and to ease his living
·         Offline experience also needs to be good as it's a question of network bandwidth and availability of internet /usage of internet ..
·         Be creative .
·         Maintain the conventional signs
·         Personalize the effects.
·         You can also download NOW UI Kit — a beautiful new kit for Photoshop and Sketch.

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